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YEARBOOK POLICIES: The Century Spirit yearbook is a student publication.


  • School pictures will be taken in the fall, but you are not required to use the senior photo supplied by LifeTouch for the yearbook. However, everyone must get their picture taken for student IDs and back-up pictures for the yearbook.
  • While it is the goal of the yearbook to provide a record of students and activities for each particular school year, we cannot guarantee inclusion of every student’s portrait.
  • Senior photos must be of the senior only and may not be indecent or obscene in nature.
    • Warning: If you do not supply a senior picture of your own or submit a photo that does not meet the set deadline and/or the requirements outlined in this document, the LifeTouch picture will be used for class photos.
    • The staff reserves the right to reject photos and/or ask seniors to make changes to conform to the set standards, especially regarding the communicated deadline. (See also “content” section).
    • Picture requirements:
      • Senior photos will not be accepted after the deadline.
        • It takes the yearbook staff extensive, outside hours (including many weekends) to complete upload, organization, design, and flow/place senior pictures.
        • Adding any photos after the deadline and after the organizational system is in place will cause errors and may affect the flow of other senior photos. Because of the yearbook staff’s dedication for quality and creating a document which accurately represents student information, the deadline is vital in ensuring our information is accurate.
        • In order to be fair to all seniors, sticking to the deadline in necessary to treat all students fairly. Since the deadline is communicated to students in advance, it is their responsibility to organize their own senior portrait session so that their photos will arrive in time to submit before or on the deadline.
        • The Spirit Yearbook is a student-run organization and decides what content to feature and to set deadlines in accordance with publication deadlines.
      • If possible, submit two senior photos. Specify your first choice.
      • We prefer digital photos—photo files (JPEG, TIFF or PDF), resolution (300 ppi or higher), dimensions (minimum: 2.25’’ wide, 3’’ height).
      • For return of printed photos: include the senior photo is a self-addressed and stamped envelope.
      • Portrait should be the focal point, not the background. It is highly recommended that the head and shoulders are the main feature.
      • Make sure the student’s head or hairline is not cropped from the top of the photo.
      • Clothing must follow school dress codes and policies (i.e. no alcoholic advertisements or inappropriate clothing or accessories, e.g. riffles)
  • Senior Advertisements:
    • If you intend on buying a senior ad for your student, the ad will be designed by the Spirit Yearbook Staff to help the coherence of the book–as we want the Senior Ad section to match the rest of the book, to make it feel like it was meant to be there.
    • As soon as the design of your ad is finished, a proof will be sent to you for checking and changes can be made; however, the concept of the design will stay the same as the staff designed it in coordination with the theme of the book.


The following information has been taken directly from the Whitney High School yearbook policy page:

A. Responsibilities of Student Journalists

Students who work on official, school-sponsored student publications or electronic media determine the content of their respective publications and are responsible for that content. These students should:

l. Determine the content of the student media;

2. Strive to produce media based upon professional standards of accuracy, objectivity and fairness;

3. Review material to improve sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation;

4. Check and verify all facts and verify the accuracy of all quotations; and

5. In the case of online comments for the website component, determine the appropriateness and relevance, need for rebuttal comments and opinions and provide space therefore if appropriate.


The Spirit Yearbook is a $50,000 “student business produced as part of a learning experience in the curriculum, and it is not possible to reprint the book if/when minor errors arise” (quoted material from Whitney High School yearbook policy page).

Refunds will not be given for minor errors such as poor photo quality, misspelled names, etc.

In addition, this publication is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance or merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose and warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the publication’s content.

In the event that a substantial error and/or omission occurs in the yearbook, the student’s and/or parent’s or guardian’s sole remedy shall be a refund of the purchase price paid upon the return of the book to the yearbook staff. If the student and/or parent or guardian wishes to keep the book, a 20% refund will be granted for the omission.

Regarding omitted senior portrait photo submitted to the yearbook staff: For either refund option, the confirmation email from the Spirit Gmail account must be provided to prove we did receive the photo, and the omission was our error. If the student senior portrait was not used in the yearbook because it did not meet outlined requirements in the photo policy, we do not assume responsibility and a refund will not be given. (See photo policy above).

The student agrees that all claims for a refund must be requested within two (2) weeks of the receipt of the yearbook. Failure to timely request a refund under the terms of this disclaimer will result in a final waiver of any such refund.


Neither the publisher, the copyright holder, the school district, the individual school, nor any individual or other party involved in the creation, publication, or delivery of this publication shall be liable for any damages that result from the creation or sale of this publication.

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